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Don't let fire safety fail: Anchor Fire Protection Los Angeles professionals are accessible 24/7 to offer optimal fire pump repair services.

fire Pump Repair

Anchor Fire Protection is a local fire protection company that offers fire pump repair in Los Angeles. It specializes in testing, certifications, system inspections, and repairs for fire pump systems. Fire pumps work well for providing additional pressure to your fire sprinkler system when it needs it, particularly in high-rise structures. As your trusted partner, Anchor Fire Protection makes sure your fire pump runs effectively and consistently. Your safety and compliance with all fire safety regulations are our top priorities in Los Angeles. Our goal is to maintain the safety of your buildings and communities by offering reliable, efficient, and professional assistance.

Our Services

If the fire pump system in your house or building needs to be inspected or repaired, our team has you covered.

Emergency Repair

Preventative Maintenance

Additional Services

  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Pump failure repair
  • Diagnostics for pressure loss
  • Damage repair
  • Regular inspections and fire pump testing
  • Flow testing and pressure checks
  • Cleaning and corrosion control
  • Fire pump maintenance for backflow prevention devices
  • Parts replacement
  • Renovation and fire pump system upgrades
  • New fire pump installation
  • Fire pump consulting and expertise
  • Training and education for building managers and owners

Why Choose Us?

These are the reasons why choosing to work with us is the best course of action for your fire safety requirements:

  • Expertise and Experience: We are equipped with the skills and expertise to handle any fire pump repair issue.
  • Licensed and Certified: You can be sure that you are receiving top-notch service as our crew is fully licensed and insured.
  • Customer-focused: At every stage, we offer clear communication, affordable rates, and superior customer care.
  • Safety and Compliance: We take great pride in ensuring that your system complies with all applicable local, state, and federal fire codes.

At Anchor Fire Protection, we go the extra mile with our thorough inspection process, carefully evaluating every part of your fire pump repair service for optimal performance. Our testing services offer variable frequencies ranging from monthly to annually and are specifically adapted to the unique structure and requirements of your building. Our proactive maintenance approach identifies small problems early, enabling effective repairs and avoiding downtime since we recognize that fire pumps can experience wear and tear.

Make sure your system is efficient, and schedule a fire pump system inspection in Los Angeles. Get in touch with us at or +1818-337-3337. Don’t delay. Our top priority is keeping you safe.

Types Of Fire Pumps

These pumps, each with its own special qualities, play a major role in protecting people and property. A strong and dependable firefighting system is ensured by customizing the selection to the unique requirements of a structure.

1. Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump

This high-capacity pump has a horizontally divided casing that makes maintenance and inspection simple. Its layout guarantees effective water flow in different kinds of buildings.

2. Vertical Split Case Fire Pump

Designed to maximize accessibility without sacrificing powerful firefighting capabilities, this pump is ideal for small places. Perfect for tall buildings when efficient use of space is essential.

3. Vertical Inline Fire Pump

The vertical in-line pump is a well-known space-saving pump that easily combines with building systems. It is a preferred option that guarantees efficient fire protection for buildings, both residential and commercial.

4. Vertical Turbine Fire Pump

Capable of extracting water from a variety of depths, the vertical turbine pump is versatile and strong. Due to its vertical form, it is frequently utilized in high-rise buildings and effectively supports firefighting systems.

5. End Suction Fire Pump

An adaptable workhorse, the end suction pump can be used in a variety of settings. Its design makes it simple to install and maintain, which makes it a popular choice for both home and business fire protection.

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Make an appointment with us at or +1818-337-3337 to schedule a time for the inspection or repair of your building’s fire pump in Los Angeles.

FAQs About Our Fire Pump Repair Services

How quickly can you respond to a fire pump emergency?

Our staff is on hand around-the-clock to evaluate the damage and start repairs in case of an emergency.

What types of fire pump malfunctions do you repair?

We take care of problems including leaks, damaged systems, broken pump parts, broken valves, and low water pressure. We also provide preventative fire pump maintenance services.

Are your technicians qualified and certified?

Yes, our staff of certified and insured technicians has extensive training and experience in maintaining and performing fire pump repairs in Los Angeles.

How often should I have my fire pump inspected and tested?

The particular criteria and municipal rules that apply to your structure will determine how frequently it is inspected and tested. We advise getting in touch with us for a customized evaluation and upkeep schedule.

Do you offer training on fire pump operation and maintenance?

The kind and intricacy of the inspection determine the cost of the service. Get a quote from us that is customized to your needs.

Do you offer warranties on your services?

We occasionally conduct discounts in addition to offering competitive pricing. Kindly ask about available specials.

Anchor Fire Protection, Inc.

Anchor Fire Protection Company, your reliable partner for all fire pump repair or maintenance requirements, has established the credibility of communities in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the surrounding areas through its constant dedication and responsiveness. We are the go-to company for fire and emergency protection. Our dedicated team provides superior fire pump system installation, maintenance, repair, and inspection services. Your safety and that of those you care about are priceless. Instead of risking fire, let our experts handle your problems and ensure your safety.

What our clients are saying

vedi g
vedi g
He came by and gave me an estimate that was better than previous contractors. He started the work and and completed in the timeframe he promised. Thank you for the good work
Christopher L
Christopher L
It has been a pleasurable experience. Response time and communication were excellent. The sprinkler installation was thorough, and the crew respected our premises. I would highly recommend Anchor Fire Protection Inc.
NVX Logistics
NVX Logistics
A few months ago I Contacted Anchor about installing a new system in our warehouse and within 2 days we got a quote that was much cheaper then competitors. Vardges and his crew finished the job faster then expected and we haven’t had any issues with the system. Great service / Pricing. Thank you
Sevak Keshishyan
Sevak Keshishyan
Man this guy was so honest I totally appreciated how he took his time and explained to me how the business works in ordinance to the law, which were things I had no idea how it worked before I started my remodeling venture
Reza S
Reza S
I called Anchor Fire protection because I had a false alarm with my flow sensor and they were able to fit me in their schedule on the same day. Vardges arrived on time, was very professional, and came to my house ready to replace the faulty part. He explained each step to me and gave me an accurate price and time estimate for completion. The quoted price for the work was very competitive and I would definitely recommend them to family/friends as well as call them back for any future work.

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