Emergency Fire Protection: Keeping Your World Safe and Sound


Anchor Fire provides specialized emergency fire protection services in Los Angeles. With our expertise and dedication, businesses can ensure the safety and functionality of their fire protection systems.

24/7 Service Availability:

Emergencies are unpredictable. Anchor Fire’s trained technicians are available around the clock, ensuring immediate response and minimal downtime.


To safeguard employees and guests, it’s imperative that fire sprinklers always function optimally. With Anchor Fire at your side, we provide continuous fire sprinkler maintenance and repair, making certain your setup works flawlessly during any fire event. Our team adeptly handles a broad range of challenges associated with sprinkler systems, such as:

Blockages and Sediment Buildup: Over time, debris can block water flow. We clear these obstructions for optimal system response.

Line Corrosion and Debris: We tackle any corrosion within the system or debris that could impede function.

Malfunctioning Backflow Devices: Proper backflow is essential. We ensure your preventers are working as they should.

Inefficient Fire Pumps: These pumps are vital for pressure. We rectify any faults ensuring consistent water delivery during emergencies.

Non-responsive Sprinkler Heads: We diagnose and fix any sprinkler heads that aren’t functioning to ensure a timely response.

Defective Valves and Controls: For a coordinated system response, we ensure all valves and controls are functioning accurately.

Drips from Standpipes: We locate and fix any leaks to prevent water loss and maintain system pressure.

Reduced Pressure or Inadequate Flow: We adjust and fix any components causing reduced flow to ensure optimal sprinkler coverage.

Pipe Wear and Tear: Any signs of wear or leaks in the piping are quickly addressed to maintain the system’s integrity.

Fire Suppression System Restoration:

Should any issues arise with your fire suppression system, immediate action is paramount. Anchor Fire’s team of professionals swiftly evaluates the situation to ensure rapid recovery and optimal operation.

Typical challenges we address in fire suppression systems include:

Swift Analysis: Our technicians quickly evaluate the system to understand and diagnose the issue, focusing on addressing the root cause.

Precision Repairs: With vast experience in fire suppression system repairs, we ensure efficient resolution of all issues, from clogged nozzles to malfunctioning switches.

Preventive Measures: Post-repair, we offer guidance on maintenance and preventive measures to reduce future issues and ensure system longevity.

Our primary goal is not just to address these concerns but to identify and rectify the root cause, ensuring long-lasting system reliability.

Anchor Fire Advantages:

Experienced Team

Our technicians are trained and updated with the latest fire protection standards and practices.

Versatile Solutions

We offer a wide range of services, catering to different system brands and configurations.

Customer-Centric Approach

Client safety and satisfaction are our primary goals. We work closely with businesses to provide tailored solutions.


What differentiates Anchor Fire's approach?

 Our combination of technical expertise and practical experience ensures optimal fire protection solutions for businesses.

How frequently should systems be checked?

We recommend annual system evaluations. However, specific components may require more frequent checks based on usage and local regulations.

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When it comes to fire safety, every second counts. Reach out to Anchor Fire for proactive emergency repairs in Los Angeles. Call +1818-337-3337 or fill out the form here.

What our clients are saying

vedi g
vedi g
He came by and gave me an estimate that was better than previous contractors. He started the work and and completed in the timeframe he promised. Thank you for the good work
Christopher L
Christopher L
It has been a pleasurable experience. Response time and communication were excellent. The sprinkler installation was thorough, and the crew respected our premises. I would highly recommend Anchor Fire Protection Inc.
NVX Logistics
NVX Logistics
A few months ago I Contacted Anchor about installing a new system in our warehouse and within 2 days we got a quote that was much cheaper then competitors. Vardges and his crew finished the job faster then expected and we haven’t had any issues with the system. Great service / Pricing. Thank you
Sevak Keshishyan
Sevak Keshishyan
Man this guy was so honest I totally appreciated how he took his time and explained to me how the business works in ordinance to the law, which were things I had no idea how it worked before I started my remodeling venture
Reza S
Reza S
I called Anchor Fire protection because I had a false alarm with my flow sensor and they were able to fit me in their schedule on the same day. Vardges arrived on time, was very professional, and came to my house ready to replace the faulty part. He explained each step to me and gave me an accurate price and time estimate for completion. The quoted price for the work was very competitive and I would definitely recommend them to family/friends as well as call them back for any future work.

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